New Modular Design.
Easy to Combination with higher quality.
Reduce the Cost & Space.

Main Body

R2 (1/8" 1/4")

R3 (1/4" 3/8")

Off Connector

3/4" Connector


Port size 1/2" , 3/4" , 1"
Port size of pressure gauge 1/8"
Max. supply pressure 10 bar
Operating pressure range 0.5-7 bar
Ambient and media temperature 5 - 60 ℃


Name Description
Main Body Engineering Plastic (Nylon)
R2 / R3 Body Zinc
Off Connector Zinc
3/4" Connector Zinc
Flow Characteristics  Supply pressure: 8 bar
R3 3/8"
R2 1/4"

Unique Mode of Combination

According to the customer’s required, the outlet way can be changed.

Big inside design to make sure the high flow rate.

Modular design. Reduce the space of combination.

Easy to combination. Reduce the cost of combination.

No connector design, reduce the damage of miss from the wrong combination.